nickel sensitivity

Nickel is a metal that can be found in jewelry plating. Some people cannot wear jewelry with a plating that contains nickel, for sensitivity reasons.

If you are sensitive or allergic to nickel, we can plate your jewelry using nickel-free plating, upon special request and with no extra cost. Nickel free plating has a shiny finish. Orders of nickel free items have a production time of up to one month (in some cases your items will be in stock with nickel free plating, and the processing time will shorten significantly, usually it would be stated in the item description).

To order your nickel free items just add your selections to your cart, proceed to checkout and add a comment stating which items you would like nickel free plating.

In addition to this option, our ear wires for dangling earrings are plated with nickel-free anti-alergic plating regularly.

We also have a solid gold collection-

It is important to state that allergies and sensitivities vary from one person to another. We trust our customers to make the right choice of materials for them. Yet, if for some reason the jewelry creates irritation, we will be happy to replace it with another piece or refund, according to our returns and exchanges policy.

We will be happy to assist and answer any further questions.