Nice to meet you

I always dreamed of being a designer when I grow up. I started studying industrial design. But as the end of my degree came closer, I realized my true passion is actually for jewelry design.
Since then, I've been creating jewelry pieces that portray my love for subtle forms, clean lines and a light color scheme that brings joy to the eyes and to the heart.
In the last years, I've expanded my collections to include watches, shoes, handbags, home decor, and stationary, which are all designed by me. I feel I'm lucky to be doing exactly what I have always dreamed of.

No such thing as too much jewelry

I know you love jewelry (at least like I do) and that you want to be able to have new pieces frequently. Twice a year I design a new collection that is composed of tens of new items and is inspired by a seasonal theme. I always choose themes that inspired me and light up my passion and challenge myself to innovate by finding new techniques and materials - some which were never even considered suitable for jewelry making.

Made by women, for women

In the heart of Tel-Aviv, an old building with big windows is the place where the magic happens. Local manufacturing is part of my agenda and all of the jewelry is manufactured here in our studio.
It is a women-led business and almost only women work here. Although men are always welcome, I believe in creating jobs for women and believe in their abilities, their creativity, and the added value that they bring to the workplace.

Going global

In the last several years, my dream, that started quite small, grew and evolved and started touring the world. Today my designs can be found in my 4 brand shops in Israel, but also in boutiques and chains throughout Europe, USA, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and many other places around the globe. Thanks to my e-shop and by using international shipping, thousands of customers from all over the world are wearing my creations.
They have been featured in international trade shows, exhibited in museum shops, and printed over the pages of magazines which a few years ago, I was excited enough just to be holding a copy of them in my hands.

Thank you for stopping by!

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