Creating Deco Dream

Long before a new collection comes to life, sometimes even a year earlier, the concept is concieved in my mind. I always begin by choosing a subject for my inspiration. This time, I chose Art Deco, a style which was popular in the 1920's and 1930's and combined rich materials with geometric shapes and clean lines, which I love so much.

I carry this concept in my thoughts for months, gradually collecting inspiration - images, elements and ideas, which are then translated onto my sketches as jewlery pieces.

Later on, I draw the elements on my computer and create the graphic files which the jewelry parts are manufactured from.

The next, very rewarding stage, is combining all the parts together to create the jewelry. I add stones, beads and chains and try different options and combinations, until I am satisfied with the result.

But even when the collection is finished, the job is not done. The final stage is actually editing the selection. My team and I go over all the designs, and select to best ones to move on to manufacturing. We name them and price them.

And then, on a very special day - all the pieces come together and my vision comes to life. We shoot the seasonal catalog on a beautiful model, and with the right lighting, styling, hair and makeup, everything feels complete.

    91 products

    91 products